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This is OVR

OVERITE is a full service producer/distributor of top quality packaging materials and others with global distribution capability.
We specialize in the steel, polyester, and polypropylene strapping industry. We can provide the necessary machines, tools, and seals required for most strapping applications. We also supply other products such as stretch film, form board, adhesive tape, etc., in order to meet our customer's needs.
We are committed to personal service & satisfaction in meeting your total packaging needs. OVERITE will provide the best value in the packaging industry by supplying a full line of strapping products, competitive pricing and fast shipping of all your orders.

Management philosophy (Slogan)

Our "Customer First" philosophy is the driving force behind everything we do.

Our mission to keep satisfies our customers with quality business so that we can make win-win business with our customers.
We purpose to supply and distribute effective, easy to use, and economical products to our customers who will always remain our first and foremost priority.


"OVERITE is dreaming of becoming a long tradition company based on customer satisfaction, contribution to society, creativity and innovation." We contribute to the society through a new value creation for the customers based on creativity and innovation and pursue one step advanced customer service and development of company personnel and maintain a social pivotal role based on respect and reliability.

Company logo and there meanings

Our company name and logo (OVERITE) means dedication to provide second to none services to our customers based on the notion of "Beyond the limited".
OVERITE will do excruciating effort to transcend the limits of service, quality and everything.
Beyond all conception, OVERITE will jump up to be a global total supplying and leading company in the world.