This is OVR Packaging

OVR Packaging offers various industry packaging items on the superlative quality and conditions, Also, OVR Packaging applying suitable supplying systems to the each customer for cost cutting. We offer customers the convenience by quick delivery, and deliver elaborately even if it is order of small volume, because package is last process in all industry.

Packaging is near in our life as well as industry. That much, packing material is used in wide boundary and we are consuming it everyday. Today, consumers demand a lot of things about packing material. That is, quality is good in the low price and must be equipped with recycling function. However, important thing is not easy to buy this like product that fulfill the all best conditions. So, OVR Packaging look for most suitable product and supply to the customers.

We have the best supplying network of manufacturers and we have composed by the self-inspection team in Asia as well as Korea. Also, we make technology investment to the factory directly, and have position of condition such as manufacturer. Therefore, we are able to providing the best products with the best quality and the most competitive prices in the best condition to the customers same as manufactures conditions by brand of OVR Packaging.

OVR Packaging will be grown up with customers, and we are promises that keep faithfulness as business partner.