OVR Metal Seals for Strapping

OVR Metal Seal produces by the low carbon steel of superlative quality in Korea and when have sealed on Strappings maintain stable sealing state.
Also, we have a molding design and mold work technology, so products designed by human body engineering for when sealing work, they are able to work with minimum arms strength.
OVR Metal Seals will meet all your requirements for strapping.

    Snap-on Seals (Open Type)
    This seal sealing on Strapping after tensioning by tensioner.
    When Strapping and package product's indiscrete space are wide and Sealing position is free use.
    Workability is high than other types seal.
    Nestack Seals (Magazine Type)
    This seal is used Auto sealing machine or loadable portable pneumatic combination tool(Loadable this seal on tool).
    Thread-on Seals (Semi-Push Type)
    Pre-insert to the Strap ends before tensioning work and after sealing by crimper This seal used, when there is volume elasticity in product to wrap or Strapping tension is not required greatly.
    Open-flange Seals (Semi-Open Type)
    This seal is a product that has advantage of Snap-on Seal and Thread-on seal.
    Also, needs no pre-threading
    Push Type Seals
    This Seal is most popular at strap sealing, and used in demands high tension package sealing. And need pre-threading.

Surface Treatment :

  • C/R(unpainted)
  • Painted (Red)
  • Galvanized
  • EGI(Electric Gavanized Iron)

Thickness 0.4mm ~ 0.6mm available Red painted and C/R(unpainted)
Thickness up to 0.8mm available Galvanized and C/R(unpainted)