OVR PET(Polyester) Strapping

PET Strapping is safer when working with product that supplements weakness of other plastic Straps and hard workability of Metal Strapping and it is a product that can improve workability. Also, PET is elastic deformation lower than other plastic strapping and tension’s retentivity is good. Specially, OVR Polyester Strapping is suitable almost brand Auto machines.

Weather Resistant
Polyester Strapping is unaffected by rain, humidity, wind and UV light, thus eliminating the potential for corrosion and rust.

Heat resistant
OVR PET Strapping does not easily transformation by heat, even if packed product surface temperature of 90 degrees.

Easily recycled back into polyester strapping, it is friendly to the environment. When polyester straps are burned, PET 100% recycling is possible, and when heat reprocess oxidation output is few and reproducing yield rate is high, also they produce less than 0.03% ASH

- Increases productivity
OVR Polyester strapping Auto grade have low error close 0% in the machines. Also OVR PET Strapping increase work utility because they have suitable straightness and curve of strapping’s tip, also PET Strapping is easy to handle and eliminate danger.

- Safe
During packing and unpacking, PET straps will not damage workers hands because the edges are not sharp or spring-link steel straps, also they have low spring back, when cutting the Strapping by cutting tool. And even if a forklift runs over strap, the tires will not be damaged.

- Damage resistant
PET straps have excellent elasticity and strength bus also extension and recovery. They bind fast and press the goods without damaging them, ensuring their safety. Even if the goods are exposed to humidity, PET straps will not rust or dirty them.

- Reduced packing costs
PET straps reduce costs because they are cheaper than other metal straps [per unit length], and their ease in handling reduces error rates automatic packing.

- Easy to store
Even if you store PET straps a longtime, they will not corrode or rust due to humidity.