OVR Protective Packaging Material

OVR Aircell Cushion(Reco Aircell)

Aircell cushion can be used for various applications of cushioning materials and have excellent protection of goods by flowing air into each cells with multi valves. The environment friendly material is to be helpful to show the company's good image as a green enterprise.

Aircell Cushion features

Economical efficiency
- Reduce the mold cost of cushioning material
- High space efficiency by reducing storage space
- Saving management cost by reducing purchasing process
- Saving labor cost by simplifying
- Saving logistics cost by reducing bulk

Standard Air Bubble Cap

Air Cap is popular cushioning and raw material is 100% polyethylene and sealed air by air-bubble form on PE film, and uses most in light package as protective material.
It can wrap shock-absorbing any sharp’s product and there is advantage that can use everybody easily everywhere. Also, they are possible package heavy product according to thickness of film.

PE-Foam Sheet

Polyethylene Foam is strong and resilient fine-cell foam. Ideally suited as the material or a component material in shock absorbing products, this fine-cell foam padding is also a great way to remove the effects of vibration. Polyethylene is available in foam sheets that are well-suited for use as insulation, barrier of box or buoyancy components and as a cushioning material in packaging applications.

Cardboard Corners

Cardboard Corner compresses paper sheet by strong tension and has angle shape of strong protector.and, one of the most common causes of freight damage is related to crushing of corners on packed skids while bouncing in transit or during load/unload. You can strap or attach cardboard protectors directly to palletized boxed goods using stretch wrap to protect corners. Also, they are an environment-friendly product that 100% recycling is possible because was made only from paper.

Steel Edge Protector for Strapping

This product is Strap work accessory, and uses on skid corner to prevent damage to product when do strap to pallet. Specially, they are very effective in case of banding Skid by Steel Strapping.